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    People We’ve Helped

    Just A Few Examples Of How We Are Serving People In Our Local Community*

    *Names and certain details are altered in order to protect confidentiality.

    Martha was in a dark dungeon of despair when my therapist Kristy found me two months ago, numb to life and incapable of feeling any care for my own welfare, let alone enough to ask for aid from another. But my mother reached out to The Second Act in her desperation, and the next thing I knew, Kristy was extending an arm out to me. All I had to do was put my hand in hers. That was all I had left in me to do, but that tiny effort was enough to halt my downward spiral and change paths. Now, thanks to my visits with Kristy, I am doing at least ten minutes of yoga on most days, sitting downstairs in the evenings for short periods of time instead of huddling in a corner of my bedroom, getting out of bed in the mornings by myself, getting in a car to go to therapy once a week, and I even sat in on. A virtual drawing class at my local library without quitting. To a passing bystander, and compared to my previous life, this probably wouldn’t look like much progress. But next to my limited existence just weeks ago, it has been a seismic shift. For the first time, I feel a glimmer of hope that things could possibly get better, and with Kristy’s help, I have the capacity to do what it takes to get there. So, it is not hyperbole when I say that your support has literally saved my life. I would have given up if not for you. 

     I’ve been volunteering in service organizations and donating to social causes ever since I was old enough to do so; hence, I’m accustomed more to giving than receiving. It’s been a bit of an awkward and uncomfortable adjustment to try the opposite role, but now that I have embraced it, I’m finding an unexpected blessing in it beyond the obvious material one. I’m getting to experience first-hand just how contagious altruism is. There is immense power in the wonder and gratitude I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. It fosters an unlimited wellspring of love and compassion, moving me to pay what I have received forward a 1000-fold, and encouraging that next batch of recipients to also pay forward, quietly but surely creating a ripple effect outward from the communities I am part of in my corner of the globe to those beyond their boarders. And when I am back on my feet, it will inspire me to continue working for the greater good. It’s amazing to consider how many lives you will have touched in the process of helping just one, mine. A heartfelt thank you from each and every one of us, connected by the invisible thread of giving. 

    Lisa was in a desperate, trapped place. She found herself in an abusive, controlled marriage with no imaginable way out. Her law enforcement husband watched her every move, making it difficult for her to attend counseling. If she used their health insurance, he would know. He scrutinized every charge on the credit card and every withdrawal of money from the bank. She found herself feeling suffocated and was experiencing panic attacks. Fortunately, she was able to find the help she needed through the use of Second Act | Scene2 funds​. Through the use of these funds she was able to attend counseling anonymously. In counseling, she experienced empowerment, encouragement, and hope! Soon she began to see ways to create wiggle room from her husband’s stranglehold.

    Mabel was upset. She was fighting back tears as she talked about how she had recently been let go from her job during a corporate reorganization. The loss of her job meant the loss of insurance coverage. Mabel was a single parent mom. She had suffered much loss and trauma in her life, including the death of her husband. She had found counseling to be extremely useful as she grieved losses, processed trauma, and struggled to parent her two daughters. Now she was facing the prospect of no longer being able to attend therapy. However, Second Act | Scene2 funds​ were made available and she was able to continue her regular therapy sessions.

    Dale wore a look of defeat. He had been a loyal worker for a manufacturing company for over 12 years. He had enjoyed his job and the money it provided him to care for his wife and children. Now the local plant was closing. He had no idea what he would do next. He wanted to come to

    counseling but had a high insurance co-pay and wanted to save up money for the lean days ahead. Second Act | Scene2 funds​ were allocated to cover the insurance co-pay so he could receive support at his most critical time without placing a financial burden on their budget.

    Mark found himself violently ill from a rare medical condition. His consistent absence from work eventually led his company to let him go. Now he found himself experiencing debilitating clinical depression on top of his painful medical condition. He had very little income but desperately wanted to see a counselor. Because of the availability of Second Act | Scene2 funds​ he was able to see a counselor for $10 a session. He is now experiencing relief from his symptoms of depression and is beginning to discover answers to his physical malady.

    Janie discovered her husband was having an affair. Then she found herself divorced with little income and no health care insurance. She wanted to recover and move on with her life, but found herself stuck in neutral. She suspected that counseling could help her, but had little means to pay for this service. A friend suggested she call Second Act/Scene2​. Very quickly, she was receiving therapy in weekly sessions. She began to grieve the loss of her marriage, and processed her significant sense of betrayal. She was surprised at how quickly she began to experience relief from her symptoms. Soon she was on her way to a full recovery.