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    Marie Egeland

    Board Member

    Marie Egeland, LMFT, RMT-BC. Marriage and Family Therapist, has been a member of the Second Act/Scene Two Board since its inception 8 years ago. Having founded Intermission Therapies nearly 35 years ago, Marie has been in a unique position to be perpetually aware of the desperate need for mental health services for everyone in the community. Not all people have the resources for the intervention and treatment that must be timely to prevent years of heartbreak for both individuals and families.

    The Second Act/Scene Two nonprofit board was formed to meet the needs of our community in a time when few such resources are accessible. The deliberate formation of this community resource predates Covid, as well as numerous national incidents that have generally increased a level of generalized fear. Intervention from a therapist restores hope and increases a sense of calm for both individuals and families.

    Marie is grateful to be a part of this effort. The members of the Board work tirelessly to secure funds, raise community awareness, and swiftly make resources available to individuals and families in need of Mental Health services. A community needs to communicate to its members that they are not alone. We on the Board are voluntarily working to bring hope and solutions during a time of great uncertainty.