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    Paul Egeland

    Board President

    Paul is a newly retired teacher, having taught elementary school students in St. Charles, IL for D303, as well as college and graduate school students at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL.

    He also taught middle school grades at an international school in Venezuela, and spent five years managing a large Christian camp and conference center in Wisconsin.

    Paul’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Wheaton College; a Master of Science in Outdoor Teacher Education from Northern Illinois University (NIU), and a Doctorate in Education (NIU). Through 45 years as an educator in various settings, he has first-hand experience of the impact of mental health issues in the lives of his students and their families. Research has clearly shown that it is more difficult for students to learn and for people to grow or even manage daily life when struggling with these complex challenges that are sometimes left untreated or unsupported.

    People who cannot afford counseling services, for whatever reason, need support and encouragement to access the assistance they need. Second Act/Scene2 does this by providing low-cost and free counseling for those who can least afford it. Paul has been a supportive board member of this organization since its inception 8 years ago.