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    Tim Lanci

    Board Member

    Meet Tim Lanci, a multifaceted individual whose life journey weaves through public service, personal triumphs, and unwavering faith. As an alderman, he is deeply committed to serving his community, advocating for its needs, and fostering positive change.

    But Tim’s story isn’t just about his political endeavors. It’s also about resilience and redemption. Tim is a recovering alcoholic who has faced his demons with courage and determination. His journey through sobriety has not only transformed his own life but has also inspired many others battling similar struggles.

    Beyond his public role, Tim is a devoted family man. He cherishes his role as a father to two wonderful girls, guiding them with love and wisdom as they navigate life’s challenges. His marriage is a testament to his unwavering commitment and devotion, as he stands by his wife through thick and thin, sharing in life’s joys and sorrows.

    Central to Tim’s identity is his faith. As a follower of Christ, he finds strength and purpose in his beliefs, guiding his actions with compassion, integrity, and a deep sense of morality. His faith serves as a guiding light, shaping his decisions and inspiring him to live a life of service and compassion towards others.

    Professionally, Tim excels as a manufacturer’s representative for industry-leading datacom and physical security solutions. His expertise in the field, coupled with his passion for innovation and technology, has earned him respect within his industry. He approaches his work with diligence and integrity, always striving to deliver the best solutions for his clients’ needs.

    In every aspect of his life, Tim embodies the values of compassion, resilience, and service. Whether it’s in his role as an alderman, a father, a husband, or a professional, he seeks to make a positive impact, leaving a legacy of hope and inspiration.